What is Rebound and Revenge Dating?

When many relationships end, it is because one person has found someone else. They often ambush their partner with the news they are leaving, and the chaos in the wake of their announcement is blamed on the partner they have hurt. Emotionally this person will be devastated, so it is usually difficult for them to be successful in a new relationship. People who have gone through a bad breakup often end up in a rebound relationship, and some of them engage in revenge dating.

The Issues of Rebound Relationships

People react in many different ways when they are hurt, and emotional pain is as real as the physical type. They do their best to make it go away, and many of them end up in a rebound relationship. They are trying to replace the lost person, and they are often hurt when their next relationship falls apart quickly.

There is nothing wrong with being in a rebound relationship, but knowing it will not last is the key to diminishing the pain of its ending. A person who realizes what they are trying to do will use this relationship to ease their suffering, and they will do their best to get over the past. Few people do this, and it causes great pain to them and their new partner.

Opting for Revenge Dating

Being dumped by a partner who has found someone before the relationship ends can be devastating. There is added pain because the guilty former partner shifts the blame for their actions, and it can depress the person who has been dumped. Friends and family are available when this occurs, and they always try to give comfort by pointing out there are better partners. This is where the thought of revenge dating begins.

One way to get past the bad ending is to move on quickly, but people need time to heal emotionally. Those who want to feel or show their former partner they have moved on get involved in revenge dating, and it is not pretty. They seek out an attractive or wealthy new partner, and their goal is to be seen by their former partner. It can hurt the new person they are seeing, and it is not always the self-esteem booster people believe it is. Their chances of finding a better relationship are low if they continue this way.

A Solution for Revenge Dating

One way to feel good about being dumped can be revenge dating that is handled properly, and using a stranger is the path to success. If having a wide choice of dating partners is necessary, VIP, a dating agency is a good option. They have a variety of fun dates available for evenings and events, and they are all professionals. They will look and act like a real date without the emotional involvement that makes revenge dating bad.

Being seen in a new relationship may be part of the revenge dating strategy, so using a stranger is a good idea. Being seen out on the town with her is a good way to appear to be in a successful relationship, and she requires no emotional involvement with clients.

It hurts when a bad break up happens, but there are strategies that will make it easier. Being honest about rebound and revenge dating is a good place to start the healing process.